SmartRelease® Upper Extremity System

Endoscopic Soft Tissue Release System

SmartRelease® Upper Extremity System
  1. Designed exclusively for transecting the transverse carpal ligament and fascia of the cubital tunnel.
  2. Onyx™ Low Profile Disposable Blade Assembly
  3. 2.9mm Eyepiece Autoclavable Endoscope — Connects to a standard camera coupler.
  4. Aluminum, pistol-grip handpiece — Turn-latch on top of the instrument allows blade assembly to be rotated for right- or left-hand surgery and locks the blade in any position along the rotation axis.
SmartRelease® Upper Extremity System
  • Single-portal endoscopic surgery for treating carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome.
  • Minimally invasive, single-portal technique.
  • Easy to learn, simple to use.
  • Documented safety and efficacy. 1,2,3
  • Complete set of custom instrumentation.
  • Surgical protocol developed and tested by a panel of surgeons.

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Reference document: LIT-ECTR-CUBITAL-SALES-REV B

SmartRelease Carpal & Cubital Tunnel Product Brochure
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