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Liposuction Pumps

PAL® Infiltration Pump
Integrates with the PAL System to activate the peristaltic pump from the PAL-750 Handpiece. Custom electronic controls ensure consistent flow at low speeds and a cooling fan prevents overheating of the motor from heavy use. PAL Infiltration Tubing eliminates obstructions with a large-bore design and smooth connections.LipoTower®
A UL-listed surgical cart featuring quiet, yet powerful, dual pumps for aspiration and a peristaltic infiltration pump with an adjustable flow rate.The on|off function of the vacuum can be controlled by a foot pedal or (when paired with a PAL System) controlled by the throttle switch of the PAL handpiece.

PAL by MicroAire Liposuction Pumps

PAL Infiltration System


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  • Custom electronic controls to ensure consistent flow at low speeds
  • An internal cooling fan to prevent motor overheating
  • Three rollers for smooth flow
  • 60-watt universal input power supply compatible with USA and international AC power sources
  • Interlock circuits that stop movement when the pump head is opened
  • A pump head that accepts all types of infiltration tubing with a 2.4mm wall thickness

Reference document(s): IM-INF-PUMP Rev B, LIT-INF-PUMP Rev B


  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1,150 ml/min (with PAL® Infiltration Tubing)
  • Output Torque: 175 oz-in
  • AC Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • AC Voltage: 100-240V~
  • Input Power Rating: 100VA
  • Weight: 4.23 Kg (9.32lbs)
  • Dimensions: 29 x 26 x 13cm (11.2 x 10.1 x 5.1in)
  • Protection Against Electric Shock: Class I Grounded Equipment with Type BF Applied Part
  • Liquid Ingress Rating: IPX1
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Dr. Macias Infiltration Pump

Watch Dr. Luis Macias explain how his PAL Infiltration Pump – the ONLY pump to seamlessly integrate with his PAL handpiece – increases efficiency during simultaneous separation and tumescent procedures.




  • Single-hand adjustable I.V. pole
  • Easy-access biofilter
  • Infiltration module with speed adjustment
  • PAL integration provides on|off control of the vacuum pumps from the PAL-750 handpiece
  • Smooth-rolling, durable casters with locks

Reference document(s): LIT-ASP-1021 Rev C


  • Vacuum Pump: Dual 1/4-Horsepower, Rotary Vane
  • Vacuum Flow Rate: 3.0 SCFM (0.08 m3/min)
  • Vacuum Pressure: 0–29 in/Hg (0–736 mm/Hg) at Sea Level
  • Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)
  • Height: 4′ (1.2 m) Pole Down; 7′ (2.1 m) Pole Extended
  • Footprint: 2′ x 2′ (0.6 m x 0.6 m)
  • Electrical: 120 V, 60 Hz (UL-Listed)

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Microaire Icons Brochure

PAL® Infiltration System Brochure

The PAL® Infiltration Pump integrates with the PAL® System to activate the peristaltic pump from the PAL handpiece.

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LipoTower Brochure

The LipoTower is a UL-listed surgical cart featuring quiet, powerful dual pumps for aspiration and a peristaltic infiltration pump with an adjustable flow rate.

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