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Orthopedic Power and Disposables

Powered surgical instruments for small-bone procedures, sports medicine, trauma, and large-bone surgery, and a large assortment of value-priced cutting accessories.

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Our innovative solutions are tailored to elevate your practice, providing precision, reliability, and unmatched quality. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or a facility manager, our comprehensive range of advanced medical devices is designed to meet your unique needs. Take the first step towards transformative solutions today.

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Powered Products

Microaire Series 5000

Series 5000 Small-Bone System

Dual Trigger Electric SmartDriver™ DUOe – part of the 5000 Series small-bone power system developed with surgeons, for surgeons.

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Microaire Smartdriver

Modular Trauma Instruments

The MicroAire SmartDriver™ is the first choice in powered surgical instruments for trauma and sports medicine.

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Disposable Products

Microaire Orthopedic Cutting Disposables

Orthopedic Cutting Disposables

Small-Bone, Large-Bone and Sternum Saw Blades, Burs, Rasps, Twist Drills, Taps, K-Wires, and Pins.

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Disposable Pulse Lavage

Fully- or Semi-Disposable lavage system with an ergonomic shape to reduce muscle fatigue in total joint procedures.

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Energy Supplies

Batteries, Chargers, Consoles, and Cables

With 14.4 volts of power, MicroAire NiMH batteries have plenty of power and capacity to last through even the toughest cases, including total joint arthroplasty.

Best Selling Part Numbers:

  • 5025 Electric Console
  • 5401 Electric Foot Pedal
  • 5025-5401 Foot Pedal Connection Cable
  • 5006-5000 Cable for Series-5000 and Series-6000 Instruments
  • 6640-710 SmartDriver Battery
  • 7500-700 Battery Charger

Sterilization Cases and Air Hoses

Engineered to Protect and Prolong Instrument Life

Each sterilization case is designed specifically for the instruments it holds, and each case is built using a medical-grade polymer or stainless steel; or a hybrid medical-grade polymer and aluminum.

Best Selling Part Numbers:

  • 5000SC Instrument Case With Tray
  • 5641SC Instrument Case With Tray
  • 7505-040 Series-7000 Battery Instrument Case
  • 9000-000 Standard Hose, 3m (10 ft)
  • 7000-000 “Whisper” Hose, 3m (10 ft)



Microaire Icons Manual

MicroAire’s Powered Instrument Catalog

Explore MicroAire’s extensive catalog of powered instruments, a valuable resource showcasing a wide range of medical tools and equipment for various surgical applications.

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Microaire Icons Manual

MicroAire’s Power Disposables Catalog

Explore a comprehensive catalog of MicroAire’s Power Disposables for a wide range of medical applications.

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Microaire Icons Brochure

5130 High-Speed Drill Information

Gain comprehensive insights into the 5130 High-Speed Drill through this informative resource, providing detailed information on its features, applications, and benefits for various medical procedures.

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