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Endotine® Brow Lift

Endotine is a bioabsorbable implant that elevates browlift procedures with its unique multipoint fixation technology. Small tines allow for optimal control and precision in tissue repositioning, resulting in more natural-looking results. With greater holding strength than other brow lift methods, Endotine ensures that results last for years after a single surgical session.1,2,3,4

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Endotine: The Bioabsorbable Fixation Device

Endotine is an improvement over non-dissolving sutures, which remain implanted long after they are needed.7 It is composed of a polylactic acid and polyglycolic acid polymer which has a proven track record of performance and reliability. Endotine typically takes 30-60 days to completely attach to its new position on the skin. During this time, the Endotine implant gradually dissolves until it is completely absorbed by the body.3,8

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The Benefits of Endotine

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Allows surgeons to readjust tissue fixation and location during surgery, resulting in predictability and reduced operating time.3

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Fast Procedure

Can be applied in less than 2 minutes per side.6

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Natural Results

Multiple points of fixation distribute forces over a wider area for secure, natural results.9

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Secure Fixation

Over 6x the load capacity of 3-0 PDS suture.5


Endotine Forehead

Endotine® Forehead

The Endotine device gives your surgeon advanced technology for endoscopic brow lift surgery. The unique design uses multiple points of contact to securely hold tissue in its new, rejuvenated position.

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Endotine Forehead Mini

Endotine® Forehead Mini

The Forehead Mini provides the security and predictability of multipoint fixation to patients who are not currently brow lift candidates because of concerns with palpability, visibility, sensitivity or prolonged absorption.

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Endotine® Product Brochure

Endotine is a patented system for anchoring soft tissue during aesthetic surgery using small, bioabsorbable tines to reduce the tissue strain associated with sutures.

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Endotine Browlift Patient Information

Access essential Endotine Browlift Patient Information as a comprehensive resource, guiding you through the procedure and recovery process for informed decision-making and optimal results.

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Answers to frequently asked questions with Dr. Theodore Diktaban, MD, FACS


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