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PAL System

MicroAire is committed to empowering surgeons by designing and manufacturing high-quality surgical solutions. Demonstrating this commitment, MicroAire has upgraded its industry-leading PAL® to meet the increased demands of today’s liposuction cases. The improved PAL-750 has an optimized fluid seal, more uniform force distribution, and a re-designed drivetrain – together these updates significantly reduce component wear & tear and corrosion inside the handpiece.

PAL-750 is the one you trust, now 2X longer-lasting1 and backed by 2X the warranty.

  • Lightweight, autoclavable PAL-750 handpiece.
  • Wide variety of high-grade stainless steel cannulas available.
  • Powered by a stand-alone electric console (5020).
  • Speed control on handpiece
  • 3 mm reciprocating stroke adjustable up to 4,000 cycles/minute
  • Fully autoclavable handpiece and cable

Reference document: LIT-PAL-650 REV G
1Compared to PAL-650 in internal simulated reliability testing.

MicroAire PAL System

It’s dramatic how much better patients feel, how much more effectively we can treat them, how much more satisfied they are, and how far superior the results are compared to [traditional liposuction].

– Dr. Gerhard Sattler

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Microaire Icons Brochure

PAL® System Brochure

Download the PAL System Brochure to learn about each component, including the all-new PAL-750 handpiece.

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Microaire Icons Brochure

PAL-650 Product Brochure

Download the PAL System Brochure to learn about each component, including the industry-leading PAL handpiece.

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Microaire Icons Brochure

PAL® Product Portfolio

The PAL Product Portfolio offers a diverse range of surgical solutions, designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals seeking precision and innovation in various medical procedures.

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Microaire Icons Manual

PAL In-Service Guide

The PAL by MicroAire In-Service Guide provides a comprehensive resource for understanding precision surgery techniques and effectively using MicroAire’s innovative surgical systems.

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Microaire Icons Brochure

PAL® Cannula Brochure

PAL by MicroAire has worked with board-certified plastic surgeons to develop several port configurations for our liposuction cannulas.

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Microaire Icons Information

PAL Patient Information Brochure

Access essential information about the PAL system as it relates to patient care through this informative brochure, helping patients understand the benefits and applications of this medical technology for their well-being.

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PAL Cannulas

PAL by MicroAire offers several unique cannula configurations with a focus on extracion (our most popular cannulas for large-volume debulking and body contouring), and harvesting (well-suited for producing small, consistent lobules for fat grafting).

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PAL by MicroAire Liposuction Pumps

Liposuction Pumps

The PAL Infiltration Pump integrates with the PAL System to activate the peristaltic pump from the PAL-750 Handpiece.

LipoTower is a UL-listed surgical cart featuring dual aspiration pumps and a peristaltic infiltration pump with adjustable flow rate.

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