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Elevate your PAL® Power-Assisted Liposuction System experience with PAL® Tubing.
As the vital link between your PAL device and other components, our PAL Tubing promotes a seamless flow of power and precision, enabling surgeons to achieve exceptional results.

PAL-1200 12 ft (3.66 m) Aspiration Tubing (5PK)

Infiltration TubingInfiltration Tubing is designed to work with the PAL® Infiltration Pump to eliminate obstructions with a large-bore design and smooth connections.

PAL-INF-1600 16 ft PAL Infiltration Tubing (5PK)

PAL Tubing

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Our innovative solutions are tailored to elevate your practice, providing precision, reliability, and unmatched quality. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or a facility manager, our comprehensive range of advanced medical devices is designed to meet your unique needs. Take the first step towards transformative solutions today.

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Microaire Icons Brochure

PAL-650 Product Brochure

Download the PAL System Brochure to learn about each component, including the industry-leading PAL handpiece.

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MicroAire PAL System

PAL System

PAL’s smooth reciprocating cannulas glide through tissue, reducing the amount of physical effort required during liposuction, thus reducing O.R. time.5

Featuring the ergonomic PAL-750 handpiece.

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PAL by MicroAire Liposuction Pumps

Liposuction Pumps

The PAL Infiltration Pump integrates with the PAL System to activate the peristaltic pump from the PAL-750 Handpiece.

LipoTower is a UL-listed surgical cart featuring dual aspiration pumps and a peristaltic infiltration pump with adjustable flow rate.

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