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Endotine® Forehead Mini

  1. Three 3.0mm tines and an ultra-thin platform offer security without sensitivity for patients who may be affected by palpability.
  2. Forehead-mini comes with drill bit and pre-loaded implant on insertion tool.
  3. Offers a 60% smaller footprint than the Endotine Forehead device and is best for patients with high hairlines, thin scalps, balding patients or those where a smaller, sub-10mm incision is needed.
Endotine Forehead Mini
Endotine Forehead-mini device in forehead

The Forehead-mini provides the security and predictability of Endotine multipoint fixation to patients who are not currently candidates because of concerns with palpability, visibility, sensitivity or prolonged absorption.

  • Over 4x the Load Capacity of 3-0 PDS Suture*
  • Reduced visibility and incision size allow the Mini to be placed confidently below the hairline
  • With one-third the mass of an Endotine Forehead, the Forehead-mini will absorb quicker to an impalpable size, greatly enhancing the patient’s post-operative experience
  • Use MicroAire’s Manual Surgical Drill designed for all drilling applications, while eliminating cumbersome cables, tanks and hoses

*Sutures – Diameter. United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary (USP 29-NF 24). Rockville, MD: United States Pharmacopeial Convention; 2006 p 2775 – Single Suture
1. Endotine Forehead provides 6X the load capacity of 3-0 PDS Suture, Endotine Forehead-mini provides over 4X the load capacity of 3-0 PDS Suture.
Reference document: LIT-ENDOTINE-SURGEON REV C

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