Endotine® Forehead

Forehead Lift Procedures

Endotine® Forehead
  1. Available with tines 3.0mm in length for patients with average to below-average scalp thickness or 3.5mm in length for patients with average to thick scalps where more secure fixation is desired.
  2. The device’s unique design provides multiple points of contact with the suspended tissue, distributing tension over a wide area to maximize fixation strength.
  3. The Forehead Instrument Kit includes sterilization case, two cranial drill bits with depth stop and implant insertion tool.
Endotine® Forehead
  • Over 6x the Load Capacity of 3-0 PDS Suture*
  • Sutureless MultiPoint Technology (MPT)
  • Fast, adjustable, secure fixation of soft tissue
  • Bioabsorbable co-polymer eliminates secondary surgery for screw removal
  • Superior fixation strength provides consistent, predictable results
  • Use MicroAire’s Manual Surgical Drill designed for all drilling applications, while eliminating cumbersome cables, tanks and hoses

*Sutures – Diameter. United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary (USP 29-NF 24). Rockville, MD: United States Pharmacopeial Convention; 2006 p 2775 – Single Suture
Endotine Forehead provides 6X the load capacity of 3-0 PDS Suture, Endotine Forehead-mini provides over 4X the load capacity of 3-0 PDS Suture.

Reference document: LIT-ENDOTINE-SURGEON REV B

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