Endotine® Transbleph

Direct Browpexy Procedure

Endotine® Transbleph
  1. Choose from tines with tips 3.0mm above the platform for patients where sensitivity to tine palpability may be a concern or tines with tips 3.5mm above the platform for patients where more aggressive fixation is desired.
  2. TransBleph comes with drill bit and pre-loaded implant on insertion tool.
Endotine® Transbleph

Bleph and Brow, an Unbeatable Combination
You can now achieve the combined goals of removing upper eyelid skin and repositioning of the brow in a single surgical session.

No Endoscope Required
By utilizing the upper blepharoplasty incision for access, the Endotine TransBleph helps simplify the brow lift procedure. No expensive endoscopic equipment is required, meaning fewer instruments to set up, process and maintain.

The Endotine TransBleph is the best of both worlds for rejuvenation surgeries: the pioneering fixation of multipoint, bioabsorbable implants, and the ability to perform two effective procedures through a single incision—without the need of general anesthesia or expensive equipment.

  • Use MicroAire’s Manual Surgical Drill designed for all drilling applications, while eliminating cumbersome cables, tanks and hoses

Reference document: LIT-ENDOTINE-SURGEON REV B

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