Endotine® Ribbon

Lower-Face Ribbon-Lift Procedures

Endotine® Ribbon
  1. Self-Contained — the Endotine Ribbon’s protective cover doubles as its insertion device.
  2. Minimally-Invasive or Open Surgical Approach — the Ribbon deploys quickly and easily in a neck lift, a jowl lift, or as part of a full face lift, via a tiny incision or a fully open procedure.
  3. Adjustable Lift Vector and Degree of Lift — choose your lift vector and degree of lift to suit the patient’s needs and procedure.
  4. Customize the Ribbon to the procedure and the patient’s anatomy. Trim the fixation-area or the smooth-leash length to create the best dimension for an ideal surgical outcome.
Endotine® Ribbon

Using patented MultiPoint Fixation Technology, the bioabsorbable Endotine Ribbon implant offers unprecedented flexibility, with a variety of surgical approaches, lift vectors, degrees of lift, and ease of use.

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