Endotine® Midface

Midface Soft Tissue Suspension Procedures

Endotine® Midface
  1. Enhance cheek projection and cheek volume by using your patient’s own tissue while shortening the lower eyelid for a natural and long-lasting rejuvenation effect.
  2. Simple adjustment of tension and position for greater aesthetic control of cheek elevation and projection.
  3. Lateral or vertical lifting allows you to optimize the procedure for each patient.
Endotine® Midface

Now, with both of the Endotine Midface devices (Midface-ST and Midface-B), you can eliminate cumbersome fixation suture with a unique and effective solution that utilizes multiple points of contact to suspend delicate midface tissue. These patented devices incorporate five tiny tines to distribute tension over a wide area, maximizing fixation strength and holding power. What’s more, the Endotine Midface implants facilitate rapid deployment via temporal, oral, or lower bleph incisions in minutes, saving valuable OR time while simplifying the surgical procedure. All of which can expand your treatment options and your practice.

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