Warranty Information

MicroAire Warranty

MicroAire powered surgical instruments and batteries are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser for a period of one year from the date of purchase (except refurbished scopes & aseptic batteries which are warranted for 90 days only). Warranty is limited to repair or replacement (at the discretion of the manufacturer) of the product without charge. MicroAire reserves the right to void the manufacturer’s warranty in the event of abuse, misuse, disassembly, alteration, neglect, unauthorized repair, non-recommended usage and/or non-compliance per the Operating Instructions furnished by MicroAire. All other expressed or implied warranties are excluded and MicroAire shall have no liability of any kind for incidental or consequential damages.

MicroAire Extended Warranty

Extended warranty plans are available directly through MicroAire to provide comprehensive protection for new or used MicroAire instruments and all their critical components after the standard manufacturer’s warranty expires.


ProtectionMAX provides comprehensive coverage with a one-time premium payment. After that, all repairs are covered at no additional cost with no co-pay. Better yet, ProtectionMAX keeps your practice moving by providing loaner equipment during the repair.

    • Comprehensive coverage for parts and labor on all repairable components
    • No co-pay
    • Loaner equipment*
    • 10% discount on upgrade purchases that replace existing instruments covered under ProtectionMAX
    • Free preventative maintenance

Length of Term

Warranty plans can be purchased for terms of 12 months and can be renewed annually for up to five years beyond the original date of purchase.

Pricing and Ordering Information

The cost of MicroAire warranty plans is tiered, based on the type of coverage desired and the age of the instrument. Note that extended warranty plans can be financed with the purchase of new equipment. For specific pricing, contact your local MicroAire independent sales agent or contact MicroAire directly.

Phone (800) 772-0822

Fax (800) 648-4309

E-mail inquiry@microaire.com


Some MicroAire products are ineligible for an extended warranty. MicroAire reserves the right to void any warranty in the event of abuse or misuse; or in the event of disassembly, alteration or repair not authorized by MicroAire; or in the event that the product has been used outside of compliance with the written instructions for use. Warranty plans are non-transferrable. Equipment older than five years is ineligible for an extended warranty. Equipment age is based on the original purchase date. Equipment is considered “new” when it is less than 12 months from the original purchase date. Equipment is considered “used” when it is between 12 and 60 months from the original purchase date. Please contact Customer Service at (800) 772-0822 with the serial number to determine equipment eligibility. Warranty claims may not be filed within 90 days of plan purchase. MicroAire Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) procedures must be followed for all warranty and extended warranty product returns.

*If loaner product is available.