LipoTower Brochure

The LipoTower™ is a sturdy and powerful surgical cart used for tumescent liposuction. It features strong, reliable pumps for both infiltration and aspiration, a touchscreen interface, an integrated PAL control system, smooth-rolling casters so it can be easily moved from room to room, and best of all: it is UL®-listed, which means it has been vigorously tested by an approved agency to meet strict rules for electronic devices. In fact, many hospitals will only purchase electrical devices that have been UL®-listed.

The LipoTower™ features a peristaltic tumescent infiltration pump offering infiltration flow rates from 50ml/min up to 600ml/min.

The quiet, dual aspiration pumps on the LipoTower™ will ensure that you have enough power to accomplish your goals in surgery. Other pumps may attain a certain vacuum pressure according to the gauge, but even minor resistance during usage will reduce the pressure and cause weaker pumps to bog down. The MicroAire® LipoTower™ uses strong pumps that are capable of pulling 4.2 cubic feet per minute, so the vacuum pressure is always there for you.

The LipoTower™ will work with any suction-assisted lipoplasty instrument. But we took the extra step of integrating the suction pumps with the PAL® handpiece. Now you can use your PAL® handpiece to turn the suction pumps on and off.

We also offer a nice selection of accessories for the LipoTower™. Instead of just one waste canister size, we offer both 1200ml and 2000ml. And we went further by utilizing cup-holder-style canister rings – so you can use a wide variety of different canister sizes and shapes. LipoTower™ waste canisters are liner-free, which means they won’t lose suction due to liner failures, and they won’t buckle over and spill the way liners can. There are spaces for up to four canisters.

We put the biofilter within easy reach, right in the center, above the canisters. The vacuum tube that connects from the biofilter to the waste canisters is just the right length, at 18”, so you no longer have to hand-cut shorter lengths from a ten-foot vacuum tube.

The LipoTower™ comes standard with one pneumatic foot pedal for the aspiration pumps, and a second pedal for the tumescent infiltration pump. It also has a sturdy shelf which is perfect for the PAL® console, and it has front and rear storage baskets.

The LipoTower™ is elegantly simple and powerful, with well-designed features to make your job easier and more efficient. It is designed and manufactured right here in the USA; it has a rock-solid warranty and it arrives fully assembled.

  • Single-hand I.V. pole adjustment
  • Liner-free waste canisters (1200ml or 2000ml)
  • Aspiration Control Panel with pump selector, LCD touchscreen and vacuum pressure control
  • PAL® integration lets you use 1020 or 5020
  • PAL® console – and turn the pumps on|off with your PAL handpiece. (Sold separately.)
  • Easy-access biofilter
  • Push-handle allows easy mobility from room to room
  • Infiltration module with flow-rate adjustment
  • Peristaltic pump with 50–600ml/min
  • Flow-rate control


MicroAire® designed the LipoTower™ and its accessories to be easy-to-use and configure. The biofilter is located right where you want it for easy replacement. The waste canisters come in two different sizes. We also used cup-holder-type rings so you can use a wide variety of different canister shapes and sizes. For PAL® users, the existing 5020 console can be integrated into the cart using the 5020-to-LipoTower™ cable, allowing you to control the pumps with your PAL® handpiece.

  • 1200ml Waste Canister (ASP-CAN-1200)
  • 2000ml Waste Canister (ASP-CAN-2000)
  • Canister Rings (ASP-RNG-1200) (ASP-RNG-2000)
  • Biofilter Assembly (ASP-FLTR)
  • Vacuum Tube (ASP-TB-VAC)
  • Infiltration Tube (ASP-TB-TUM)
  • 5020-to-LipoTower™ Integration Cable (ASP-CBL-5020)
  • Extra Foot Pedal (ASP-FOOT-1)



  • Adjustable 50–600ml/min infiltration pump
  • Footswitch or manually operated
  • Single-hand adjustable IV pole


  • Powerful and quiet aspiration pump with a high flow rate of 4.2 SCFM
  • Adjustable vacuum pressure, up to 29 inHg
  • Works with any handpiece, and is also integrated for use with PAL®
  • Aspiration on|off controlled by PAL® handpiece, footswitch or console
  • Strong, dual-1/3HP pumps
  • Dry rotary-vane components
  • Easy-to-read digital LCD touchscreen controls
  • Smooth-rolling, durable casters with locks
  • Electrical: 110-120 V, 60 Hz (UL-Listed)
  • Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)
  • Footprint: 2’ x 2’ (0.6 m x 0.6 m)
  • Height: 4’ (1.2 m) pole down 7’ (2.1 m) pole extended

Ordering Information

REF Number Description U/M
REF ASP-1021 LipoTower Aspiration and Infiltration EA
REF ASP-CBL-5020 Cable – 5020-to-LipoTower™ EA
REF ASP-CBL-1020 Cable – 1020/1025-to-LipoTower™ EA
REF ASP-FLTR Biofilter Assembly EA
REF ASP-CAN-1200 Waste Canister 1200ml 10PK
REF ASP-CAN-2000 Waste Canister 2000ml 10PK
REF ASP-RNG-1200 Canister Ring 1200ml EA
REF ASP-RNG-2000 Canister Ring 2000ml EA
REF ASP-TB-VAC Tubing – Vacuum, Non-Sterile (18”) 4PK
REF ASP-TB-TUM Tubing – Infiltration, Sterile (Single Spike) 10PK
REF ASP-FOOT-1 Extra Foot Pedal EA
REF ASP-SHLF-1 Extra Shelf EA
REF ASP-TUM Tumescent Pump Module EA