PAL Cleaning & Sterilization Chart

PAL-650 Cleaning & Sterilization


  • Connect CAP-600E or Cable to keep liquid out.
  • Scrub with warm water, a soft brush and mild detergent, then rinse.*
  • Do not immerse. Do not put nose of handpiece into water stream.


  • Remove CAP-600E or Cable to allow steam to penetrate handpiece.
  • Full dry cycle is required to prevent corrosion and to ensure proper performance.
  • Cool slowly at room temperature. Never run while warm.
  • Inspect carefully to ensure all moisture is completely removed.**
Exposure Time (Full Cycle) 4 minutes
Temperature 270 °F (132 °C)
Dry Time 20 minutes
Inspect Dry Instrument – Okay to Use

**Residual moisture can result in error messages and functional issues.
*More information can be found in the PAL-650 Instruction Manuals. Additional languages available at

IM-PAL-CS Rev D | August 2017