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De-epithelialization for Breast Reduction

Precision De-epithelialization for Breast Reduction

There are many methods for breast reductions. The major concerns when doing a reduction are maintaining vascularity, (so the nipple will not lose sensitivity), and scar size and placement. Many women are concerned about maintaining the ability to breast feed so nipple sensation becomes a key part of the procedure.

One of the most difficult aspects of the breast reduction procedure is the de-epithelialization of the breast tissue (the removal of the epidermis without compromising the vascularity of the dermis). At the present time, this is accomplished using a knife blade or a pair of dissecting scissors. With these, it is very difficult to control how deep you go which means you can end up going into the dermis.

The sterile, single-use EpiCut devices features 35° and 55° angle v-shaped blades that control removal of epithelial tissue during breast reconstruction. EpiCut potentially ensures dermis vascularity is not compromised while shearing epithelial tissues strips at a safe depth and width with more control and precision.

  • Curve of the blade helps control the depth of the strips so vascularity of the dermis is not compromised.
  • Ergonomic handle
  • V-shaped blade intended to remove strips of epithelial tissue.

EpiCut™ Ordering Information

REF Description
PL-4006 EpiCut 35° Angle Blade
PL-4556 EpiCut 55° Angle Blade

Available only in six (6) pack.

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