Wires & Pins

K-wires and Steinmann Pins

Wires & Pins
  1. Smooth and threaded K-wires and Steinmann pins in assorted lengths, point styles and diameters
  2. K-wire and pin protectors
  3. Wire guides

MicroAire’s Power Disposables Catalog lists all of the MicroAire wires and pins available.

MicroAire Power Disposables Catalog

Catalogs for Styker, Synthes and Dyonics power systems are also available for download.

Stryker-Style Catalog Synthes + Dyonics-Style Catalog

MicroAire & Linvatec Power Disposables (Section A)
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Stryker Power Disposables (Section B)
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Dyonics & Synthes Power Disposables (Section C)
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Powered Instruments Catalog
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