Series 5000 Small-Bone System

Solo Wire Driver

Series 5000 Small-Bone System
  • Single-hand operation
  • Fingertip control (forward, reverse, oscillate)
  • Optimal visibility for hand and foot procedures
  • Fully cannulated
  • Light Weight and compact
  • Ergonomic – resulting in less hand fatigue for surgeons
  • No-fail wire guidance system
  • Superior control for small delicate applications
  • Ambidextrous
Series 5000 Small-Bone System

Modular Trauma Instrument System
5641 – Dual Trigger Electric SmartDriver™ DUOe

  • Powered by the 5025 Console with onboard maximum speed setting
  • Compliments 5000 Series Electric System
  • Dedicated power
  • Convenience of portability
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Variable-speed trigger
  • Precise control
  • Dual trigger forward/reverse and oscillate controls

Reference document: LIT-POWERCATALOG REV E

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Series 5000 Electric Modular Instruments Instruction Manual
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Solo Driver Instruction Manual
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SmartDriver DUOe Instruction Manual
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Power Instrument Sterilization Chart
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