Specialty Cannulas

Specialty Cannulas

PAL® specialized cannulas provide options to customize each liposuction procedure.

Bent Cannulas

PAL Bent Cannulas
MicroAire offers bent cannulas that are effective for pre-tunneling or for general debulking and extraction. Bent cannulas are available for Mercedes and Flared Mercedes tip styles.

Flared Mercedes Cannulas

  • 360° of extraction
  • Aggressive
  • Ideal for debulking, dissection and pre-tunneling
  • Also good for breaking up fat without suction, prior to sculpting and extraction

Helixed Tri-Port III Cannulas

  • 270° of extraction
  • Aggressive
  • Designed for high-fibrous areas
  • Ideal for gynecomastia cases

Spatula Cannulas

  • 90° of extraction
  • Shorter, non-aggressive cannula with a blunt tip
  • Ideal for delicate areas such as the neck and back

Turbo Cannulas

PAL Turbo Cannula
PAL® Turbo cannulas allow air to vent through the tube during liposuction for better flow rates, therefore they are not recommended for harvesting fat to be re-injected.

Additional PAL® Cannulas:

Reference document: LIT-PAL-CANNULAS REV E

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