Surgical Cart for Tumescent Liposuction

  1. Single-hand I.V. pole adjustment
  2. Easy-access biofilter
  3. Strong, reliable pumps for both infiltration and aspiration with flow-rate adjustment
  4. PAL® integration lets you use 5020 PAL console and turn the pumps on|off with your PAL handpiece (sold separately)
  5. Smooth-rolling casters

The LipoTower® is a sturdy and powerful surgical cart used for tumescent liposuction. It is UL®-listed, which means it has been vigorously tested by an approved agency to meet strict rules for electronic devices. In fact, many hospitals will only purchase electrical devices that have been UL®-listed.

The LipoTower® will work with any suction-assisted lipoplasty instrument, but we took the extra step of integrating the suction pumps with the PAL® handpiece. Now you can use your PAL® handpiece to turn the aspirator pumps on and off.

  • Utilizes cup-holder-style canister rings for a wide variety of different canister sizes and shapes with spaces for up to four canisters
  • Biofilter within easy reach, right in the center, above the canisters
  • Vacuum tube that connects from the biofilter to the waste canisters is just the right length, at 18”
  • Quiet, dual aspiration pumps
  • Comes standard with one pneumatic foot pedal for the aspiration pumps and a second pedal for the tumescent infiltration pump
  • Front and rear storage baskets

Reference document: LIT-ASP-1021 REV B

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