AREX® Wire Manipulators

Pliers for Wire Manipulation

AREX® Wire Manipulators
  1. Alice Pliers (REF ALICE)
    • Strong and simple pliers for pulling, pushing, crimping and cutting
    • Simplifies a difficult technique for K-wires 0.8mm to 1.2mm
  2. Manotte Pliers (REF MAN16TB)
    • Bend, cut and crimp K-wires
    • Wire sizes 1mm to 1.6mm in diameter
    • Designed to bend a K-wire without applying stress while traversing bone
  3. HK2 Pliers (REF HK2P)
    • Designed specifically for use with Arex® HK2 external fixation connectors
    • Laterally bend K-wires without stressing the portion of wire in the bone
    • Wire sizes 1.2 – 1.5 and 1.8mm
    • Crimp HK2 connectors
AREX® Wire Manipulators
  • Quality instruments for pulling, pushing, crimping, bending, and cutting wires
  • Neatly cuts wires to produce a rounded end with no sharp edges
  • Manufactured in Europe using high-quality materials and the finest workmanship
  • Patented, precision hinge designs ensure smooth operation and longevity

Arex® products are available and distributed by MicroAire in USA and Canada.

Reference document: LIT-AREX Rev A

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