AREX® ForgetMeNot

Finger Tourniquet

AREX® ForgetMeNot
  1. Reusable and autoclavable silicone-elastomer finger tourniquet
  2. Brightly colored options (yellow: FMN-Y2B or blue: FMN-B2B) to prevent forgotten tourniquets
AREX® ForgetMeNot
  • Easily exsanguinates fingers prior to surgery
  • Unlike rubber-ring tourniquets, ForgetMeNot is always the correct size
  • Untie and remove with one hand, instead of cutting or rolling a rubber ring back across the repaired wound
  • Can also be used to hold finger positions with Chirobloc

Arex® products are available and distributed by MicroAire in USA and Canada.

Reference document: LIT-AREX Rev A

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