Power Disposables

MicroAire offers a vast assortment of cutting accessories and is committed to offering value pricing, first-class service and a wide selection for orthopaedic cutting needs.

Orthopaedic Power Cutting Accessories

  • Blades for small-bone, large-bone and sternum saw power systems
  • Burs and rasps in assorted sizes, styles and shapes
  • K-Wires and Steinmann Pins
  • Twist drills and taps

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View the Power Disposables Catalog for cross-referencing, part numbers, specs, and detailed descriptions for all of MicroAire’s cutting accessories.

Download any of the three catalog sections based on your power system’s make and model:

Reference document: LIT-DISPOSABLES-CAT REV A

Orthopaedic Power Cutting Accessories
MicroAire & Linvatec Power Disposables (Section A)
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Stryker-Style Power Disposables (Section B)
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Dyonics & Synthes Power Disposables (Section C)
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Powered Instruments Catalog
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Blades... Blades

Small-bone, large-bone and sternum saw blades.

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Burs & Rasps... Burs & Rasps

Burs and rasps in assorted sizes, styles and shapes.

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Wires & Pins... Wires & Pins

K-wires and Steinmann Pins, smooth or threaded.

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Twist Drills & Taps... Twist Drills & Taps

Orthopaedic twist drills and taps.

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