Plantar Fascia

SmartRelease®, MicroAire's Endoscopic Soft Tissue Release System is a minimally invasive endoscopic treatment for plantar fascia recession.

SmartRelease® Endoscopic Soft Tissue Release System

Note: The SmartRelease® Lower Extremity System is not yet CE approved.

Endoscopic Surgery is highly effective and has been used for more than 20 years. Generally, it results in less
post-operative pain, a minimal scar, and allows patients to resume normal activities in a short period of time.1, 2, 3

Product Details

SmartRelease® Endoscopic Soft Tissue Release System

Minimally Invasive, Single-Portal Technique

  • Complete set of custom instrumentation
  • Surgical protocol developed and tested by a panel of surgeons
  • Intended for recession of the plantar fascia
Minimally Invasive, Single-Portal Technique

  1. A.C.C Chou et al. Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy Improves Early Postoperative Results: A Retrospective Comparison of Outcomes After Endoscopic Versus Open Plantar Fasciotomy. Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery. 2016; 55:9-15.
  2. Tomczak, R. L. & Haverstock, B. D. A retrospective comparison of endoscopic plantar fasciotomy to open plantar fasciotomy with heel spur resection for chronic plantar fasciitis/heel spur syndrome. The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery. 1995; 34: 305–311.
  3. Thevendran G, Howe LB, Kaliyaperumal K, Fang C. Endoscopic gastrocnemius recession procedure using a single portal technique: a prospective study of fifty four consecutive patients. Int Orthop. 2015 Jun;39(6):1099-107.

Reference document: LIT-EPFR-EGR-SALES REV B

SmartRelease Plantar Fascia and Gastrocnemius Recession Product Brochure
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SmartRelease Endoscopic Plantar Fascia Release Surgical Technique
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SmartRelease® Lower Extremity Cleaning & Sterilization information
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SmartRelease® Endoscopic Plantar Fascia Release Technique Animation


SmartRelease® Lower Extremi... SmartRelease® Lower Extremity System

Minimally invasive device for Endoscopic Soft Tissue Release.

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Onyx™ Blade Assembly... Onyx™ Blade Assembly

Smaller, sharper blade for the SmartRelease® System.

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2.9mm Eyepiece Endoscope... 2.9mm Eyepiece Endoscope

Autoclavable Endoscope for the SmartRelease® System.

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