Our Story

Every day, thousands of people worldwide engage in surgery, either as surgeons or patients, and both need the confidence that everything will go as planned. Over the past four decades, MicroAire has empowered surgeons to achieve efficient, high-quality results that deliver unparalleled patient experiences.

The team at MicroAire is committed to ongoing research and innovation to provide minimally invasive medical equipment. We continue to focus the majority of our efforts in the lipoplasty and carpal tunnel categories, where we balance efficiency and reliability, all through a demonstrated strength in cost containment.

Surgeons provide life-changing results for patients and their families. We support their work by investing in the functional enhancements that guarantee success before, during, and after surgery. In addition to the medical equipment we manufacture, we facilitate surgeon training labs throughout the year. These trainings go beyond lectures; they are hands-on, cadaver-based labs to ensure every surgeon is comfortable and confident with our devices.

MicroAire exists to enhance the quality of life by providing reliable surgical solutions. From equipment training to product support, we give our customers the confidence they need to do their job well.